Saturday, November 1, 2014

Good Things Are Happening!

Yes, good things are happening here at the Blueberry Loft! I've been working on addressing our family's Christmas cards so I could post sample images here for anyone interested in having me address their cards this year:

Generic samples

I've blocked actual addresses for privacy. I would be happy to render a personal sample for your approval.

This is just a fun mail art envie I did for a swap:

As an introductory rate, I'm offering $1.75 per envelope. Purchaser supplies the envelopes along with a Word .docx address list. (Dark colored envelopes will have an additional charge for special ink) Drop me a quick email with any questions or requests here.

Thanks to the encouragement and inspiration of my dear friend, Alex, I have some super cool project ideas coming up for the holidays as well--so stay tuned!

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